Trey Gowdy Admits No One Will Be Prosecuted for Russiagate

Americans are outraged at the way an out-of-control FBI and Department of Justice targeted President Donald Trump with the fake Russia investigation. This was a coup attempt and many Trump supporters feel that it was no less seditious and treasonous than the Democrat plot that resulted in the successful assassination of Abraham Lincoln. We want prosecutions. We want those people to end up in prison. But according to former Congressman Trey Gowdy of South Carolina, that’s never going to happen.

A bombshell was released to the public last week when Attorney General Bill Barr compelled a federal court to release the FBI’s case notes against retired Gen. Mike Flynn. The notes fully exonerate Flynn and prove that the highest echelons of the FBI – James Comey, Andrew McCabe, counterintelligence operative Peter Strzok and others – colluded to entrap Flynn on false charges. This was done to remove Flynn from the equation so that the Obama administration’s holdovers could continue working unhindered to try to undo the 2016 election.

As an experienced member of the intelligence community and as Trump’s National Security Advisor, Mike Flynn would have been privy to the Russian collusion BS that the CIA and FBI had cooked up to spy on Trump. Flynn had to go, so the FBI fabricated a “process crime” to make it appear that Flynn had lied to them – even though rank-and-file agents had already investigated Flynn’s supposed ties to Russia and cleared him. The field agents knew that Flynn was an innocent man, but James Comey’s team kept the investigation of Flynn open until they could frame him.

Flynn was innocent and now the whole world knows it. Hopefully the judge will have thrown out the case and exonerated him by the time that you read this. This is why I’ve now flipped on the idea that Trump should pardon Gen. Flynn. Trump should NOT pardon him. Pardons can be seen as a forgiveness for wrongdoing. Trump should let the court process play out now and have the system fully exonerate Flynn so that his record is cleared.

But that brings us to the next phase. Which of the wealthy and sanctimonious elites who perpetrated this extraordinary crime against America will be fitted with an orange jumpsuit, locked in a cage and forced to eat cafeteria food with guys named Viper and Mongo for the next 20 years? Who will swing from the gallows, as the perpetrators of the coup against Abraham Lincoln did?

According to former federal prosecutor Trey Gowdy, no one will.

After the Flynn revelations last week, Gowdy was asked by a Fox News hostess if he thought there would be prosecutions. Here’s his response:

“No, ma’am! I was talking to a federal prosecutor on the way over here. We have got to not only associate accountability with prosecutions. I think being a terrible FBI agent and treating people unfairly – maybe it ought to be a crime, but I don’t think it is a crime. The takeaway is the next time the FBI says ‘Hey, we’d like to talk,’ tell them ‘No.’”



Accountability involves telling the FBI “No” if they want to interrogate you? How does that hold James Comey, John Brennan, James Clapper, Loretta Lynch or Barack Obama accountable for attempting to overturn the 2016 election, lying to the FISA court to obtain spying warrants on American citizens and smearing the President of the United States with the fake Russian dossier’s delusional claims?

If Attorney General Bill Barr and the alleged Durham investigation don’t result in prosecutions of these clowns, then there will never be accountability for this attempted coup. Ask any parent how this concept works. Telling a toddler “No” will not prevent them from overdosing on chocolate chip cookies again and again. There needs to be a consequence to correct bad behavior. But the Deep State doesn’t seem to want consequences for the incredible injustice that was carried out against Gen. Flynn, Roger Stone, Donald Trump and other patriotic Americans.

If Trump really wants to see accountability for the Russian collusion coup attempt, here’s a suggestion. Make a couple of new appointments at the Department of Justice:

Attorney General Roger Stone and Deputy Attorney General Mike Flynn. I bet we’d see some prosecutions happen then!