TV and Movies Predict the Future

When a movie depicts the future will it become reality? It seems that if anything is featured in a movie or on the TV it will become reality within the year. Same with weapons, ideas, the upcoming events in the near future.. As for example before 9/11 there was many shows and move that have “predicted” planes crashing into the world trade center. I’m not making this stuff up; I’ll be posting a video with all the different shows that aired 9/11 scenarios CREATING the REALITY for the upcoming year..

Now the new movies are depicting a complete government control over every human which this new police state will become if we don’t do something fast… And with 2012 coming up many news ones are about the world coming to a end and the use of Aliens is always a common feature so are the conditioning us for some type of hologram effect to lure us into this new world order to end the life of humanity or which equals the 2012 “theory” of the world change as we know it quoted from the Mayan Civilization. Are we doomed? Or is it a secret government plot to end our old world order and enter the “NEW WORLD ORDER” The same people are behind the Venus Project and many other organizations.. The Illuminati is our Shadow Government.. Just Watch this video below; Because The All Seeing Eye is everywhere!

– The Simpsons (1997):


– Terminator 2 (1991):


– Matrix (1999): Passport expires on September 11, 2001:

These pictures above are the most popular 9/11 “conspiracy” images… Watch the video below to see more and how the Illuminati plays a big role in the making of movies and television, or in their words PROGRAMMING. There are so many hidden meanings, symbols and references in our every day life we don’t notice it but it’s either preparing us for an event or altering our perception.  A easy tool to use against citizens. Brainwashing since the 1920’s!