USA may need to extend social distancing till 2022 to beat Coronavirus

The Harvard School of Public Health has come with the observation that the United States of America may require an extension of social distancing measures to control the transmission of COVID-19 until the year 2022.

According to news reports, the study has been done at the time when more than 2200 people have lost their lives to the pandemic in the USA on April 14 alone. This is the worst number that has broken the previous death records. Till now, more than 28300 people have died in the USA after getting severely infected with Coronavirus.

The study published in the journal science on Tuesday suggested that intermittent social distancing may be needed till 2022 unless the government increases its critical care capacity to a large level or finds a vaccine to cure the disease.

The researchers have also written that proper social distancing could minimise the pressure on healthcare systems, and allow contact tracing and quarantine to be useful just as it is the case of South Korea and Singapore.

However, at the same time, the study has accepted that extended distancing would have a negative impact on the economic, social and educational environment of the country.

Reportedly, the study has stated that in case of evident elimination of the virus, strict vigilance for SARS-CoV-2 should be encouraged due to the likelihood of re-emergence of the virus in the latter part of the year 2024.