The United Nations Country Flags Are Missing From NYC Headquarters..

Could this be the ‘Happening’ term which has been associated with the removal of the cabal or so called deep state which has been portrayed by Q? A twitter user @valeriebgilbert confirmed the removal of the flags by posting this image below: Why would they remove all 193 flags?

UN Flag Facts:

The flags are raised manually by UN Security officers every weekday morning at approximately 8am and lowered every weekday at around 4pm, except in the cases of bad weather. The flags are organized in English alphabetical order from north to south. On weekends, only the UN flag is raised. Further information can be found in this 1992 article from the UN Chronicle:

On 10 September 2015, the General Assembly passed A/RES/69/320, Raising the flags of non-member observer States at the United Nations, by a recorded vote of 119 in favour to 8 against (Australia, Canada, Israel, Marshall Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, Palau, Tuvalu, United States), with 45 abstentions. 

Currently, there are two non-member observer States at the UN: the Holy See and the State of Palestine.

The Holy See became a Permanent Observer State at the UN on 6 April 1964. The rights and privileges of the Holy See were expanded by the General Assembly in 2004 with the adoption of A/RES/58/314, Participation of the Holy See in the work of the United Nations.

The State of Palestine became a Permanent Observer States on 29 November 2012 with the adoption of A/RES/67/19, Status of Palestine in the United Nations. Debate on this resolution was recorded in A/67/PV.44.

The flag of the Holy See was raised by the UN for the first time on 25 September 2015, to coincide with the arrival of Pope Francis to the UN.

The Palestinian flag was raised for the first time on 30 September 2015, when Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas delivered his remarks to the General Assembly’s General Debate.

UN Flag Size in front of the Secretariat Circle: 6 x 9 feet (183 x 274 cm)

UN Flag Size in the North Garden: 12 x 18 feet (366 x 549 cm)

Member States outdoor flags size: 4 x 6 feet (123 x 183 cm)