Why did George Floyd have a closed casket funeral?

What’s a Closed Casket Funeral?

A closed casket funeral means the body is not displayed during the funeral service. This may mean that the body will never be shown to anyone. It also may mean that the body has been presented during the wake, vigil, or visitation but closed for the funeral.

If the body had never been displayed, it may or may not have been embalmed. Embalming is typically only done when the body will be viewed at one point during end-of-life services.

Why did George Floyd Have a Closed Casket?

He wasn’t dismembered or decayed; His body was hidden from the funeral service for a unknown reason. Was it possible the family seen the body before the public arrived? Not much information is readily available about this. We can only speculate; but something seems little off about this closed casket..

Did his family even have the casket open during a private session; we may never know the truth but it’s interesting to note; the body may have not been embalmed which is another red flag.

A body that has not been embalmed will begin to undergo the natural processes that happen after death, sooner. It is usual for someone to be embalmed before they are brought home for an open coffin viewing or a wake, although this is not always the case.

After 24 hours the body will need some level of embalming. A mortuary will be able to preserve the body for approximately a week.

So how will they be bringing his body to number of different services in three different states? The first was held in Minneapolis, a second will be held in North Carolina, where Floyd was born. The last service will be in Texas. Retired boxing legend Floyd Mayweather has reportedly offered to pay for all three funeral services.

We can’t be sure of what’s really happening; We have to keep an eye out for the gravestone when it’s time for the burial. Since there is always a clue or information that doesn’t add up. Will be updating if any new info is found…