WHO urges countries to prepare for the second or third wave of coronavirus

“Covid-19 is not going away any time soon,” he added. Dr. Kluge said covid19 is powerful that even the best healthcare systems can be devasted.

“One of the things we saw very clearly in different countries is the speed with which even the best health systems can be overwhelmed and devastated.”

“So the biggest lesson overall at this stage would be that health really deserves to be at the top of the political agenda.”

“Health is a driver of the economy — what we see now is that without health, there is no economy. Without health, there is no national security.”– he added

Kluge also urged the countries to prepare well for the second or third wave of coronavirus.

“If the first wave is gone, [the key issue is] that we have bought the time to prepare for a second or third wave, particularly if there is no vaccine.”– he said.

“This will require the collaboration and understanding of everyone, not least with the summer coming, that everyone has to do its share while moving to a new reality where public health has to have a more prominent place in society.”– he said.