Washington state restaurants ordered to keep detailed logs of customers when reopening after coronavirus

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee’s office on Monday issued a set of coronavirus requirements that restaurants must abide by when they reopen, one of which requires them to create a “daily log” of their customers’ comings and goings.

The state is prepping to enter phase two of a four-phase plan to reopen businesses in the state. Restaurants that want to offer dine-in services must “create a daily log of customers and maintain that daily log for 30 days, including telephone/email contact information, and time in,” according to The Seattle Times.

The measure is said to lay the groundwork for a trace program if the government decides to start tracking the movement of its citizens.

Eight state counties have reportedly been approved to move forward: Stevens, Wahkiakum, Skamania, Ferry, Pend Oreille, Columbia, Garfield and Lincoln counties have all been given the green light.

There are 13 criteria restaurants must meet if they wish to open their doors, according to the state government. They must make hand sanitizer available at the entry for all staff and patrons. No bar seating is permitted. If the establishment does not offer table service, they must have protocols in place to ensure social distancing.

All parties and tables must be five guests or less. Guest occupancy must be 50 percent of the maximum building occupancy or lower, as determined by the fire code. Outdoor seating does not count toward the building occupancy limit.

Tables must be placed far enough apart when measured from occupied chair to occupied chair, to ensure guests are 6 feet away from one other. It is strongly suggested customers wear a face covering any time they are not seated at the table.

Buffets and salad bars are not permitted at this time but might be addressed down the line. Single-use menus are required for in-person dining and any condiments typically left on the table must be single-use or sanitized after each use.

In addition, restaurants are required to screen employees for any signs of the coronavirus before each shift begins.

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