Why was George Floyd allowed a funeral while all the people who died of Covid were denied?

This is a major question that no one has even dared to ask or wonder..Why was George Floyd’s funeral allowed to break the rules of Covid19? The interesting thing is that all the families who had people that died of Covid19 were not allowed to have a funeral due to all the restrictions.. This is a shameful truth that is taking place in America…

Why was George Floyd more important than all those who perished from the virus? Covid19 was major headlines until everything took a wrong turn during a police encounter which resulted in murder which was allowed to be watched by tons of people on YouTube. It’s because it fits the perfect narrative of the elite which was played out many times before just to lead up to the destruction on America which is taking place right now!

Many families had to be absence when there loved ones were being held hostage by the Hospitals due to Coronavirus, They had to be buried 6ft under without any family support or last goodbyes which should be in violation of a persons natural born rights in any country across the globe.

So all I ask is for you to realize that a major psyop is happening right now; and it’s manipulating the people who are making wrong decisions to further the goal of the New World Order which will only make the world a more evil and dangerous place than ever before..

So I will do another post about this topic; Why was George Floyds casket closed? Makes me wonder what is even real? Don’t forget the elite are evil people who will fake events and murder people for an agenda that will further their goals. This is just another psyop..