New Moon, Omerbashich alignment, 188 day pattern

By Melyanna On ATS

These indicators include:

1. New moon on March 22nd
2. Omerbashich alignment between Earth, Sun, and Venus
3. The 188 day pattern….

Although none of the above can definitively predict an earthquake, taken together they do indicate an increased chance of a megaquake sometime during this window. There does not appear to be any way to indicate which of the earths seismically active regions could suffer such a quake.

1. New moon on March 22nd. There is a new moon on March 22nd:

Full moon and new moon dates and times

For those who like their science served in an orthodox package, Science magazine published an article online on October 21st, 2004, which confimrs that earthquakes occur statistically more often during full and new moons.

You can read the abstract here:

Earth tides can trigger shallow thrust fault earthquakes

For those of you who prefer your Science more generally presented, you can review a great amount of work on the correlation between Lunar tides and earthquakes here:

For those who see themselves are too logical and scientific to read such a website, the author is quite carefull to clarify that his work simply points to times where there is an increased chance of a large quake. It is quite rigorously done.

Some quotes:

The number of large quakes (6.0 or greater) that have struck Southern California between 1933 and 1994 occurring at either dawn or dusk is far too large to be the result of random chance. Add to that the fact that all but one of the quakes listed above also occured not only at precisely either new or full moon phase but at very tightly celestially focused phases–called near-syzygy events–and the probability for mere coincidence is catapulted into the range of the absurdly astronomical.

There is solid evidence which strongly supports the hypothesis that solar and lunar tides working in tandem have a hand in triggering quakes on the West Coast. Considering the list of large quakes that have struck in Southern California from 1933 to 1994, almost a third of those temblors took place during near-syzygy events: at dawn or dusk during new or full moon phases no more than 2 1/2 degrees out of perfect alignment (just short of an eclipse).

“The theory deserves to be taken note of.”–Dr. Kate Hutton, Chief Seismologist, California Institute of Technology, to Los Angeles Weekly, April, 1997

The USGS maintained until very recently that there was absolutely no possibility of any method ever predicting any earthquake activity. This is standard for any government funded orthodox scientific organization. Recently and very much behind the curve, the USGS has admitted that tidal forces do affect seismic activity.

Here is another good article on the history of the orthodoxy’s refusal to see the light:

A history of southern california earthquake prediction ideas

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