250 troops deployed to Eagle Pass, Texas to stop migrant caravan

The U.S. army is sending 250 active-duty troops to Eagle Pass, Texas.

That’s throughout the border from the place some 1,800 migrants, apparently wanting to come to the U.S, are being housed by the Mexican authorities.

Thousands of federal, state and native authorities even army personnel have flooded this normally quiet group on the banks of the Rio Grande.

“It’s a mix of customs and border safety automobiles and Texas state troopers they’re all lined up actually facet by facet all nose-facing in direction of Mexico… after which in the event you check out the opposite facet of the Rio Grande throughout the border only recently we have seen this, Mexican authorities now lined up dealing with precisely the wrong way,” CNN reporter Martin Savidge mentioned.

Eagle Pass’s mayor is grateful but in addition a bit bowled over. Mayor Ramsey English Cantu mentioned: “We are extremely appreciative of the work that they do … but this is something that is unprecedented.”

Law enforcement patrol in automobiles, on ATV’s, on bicycles even on horseback. Helicopters monitor from above, whereas excessive powered airboats prowl the shallow water of the Rio Grande.

The safety surge is in response to the arrival of a caravan of 1,800 Central American migrants simply on the opposite facet of the border mentioned to have their sights on in search of U.S. Asylum.

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