8chan loses another service provider and struggles to stay online with help of Alex Stamos

The online message board 8chan, in which three shooting suspects this year posted hate-filled manifestos, has been struggling to stay accessible online after Cloudflare stopped providing support to the site on Sunday night.

What happened today: Voxility, a company that hosts websites and provides other online support services, kicked 8chan off its servers in the past hour, it announced in a tweet.

Voxility was seemingly made aware of 8chan’s move to its servers through a tweet sent by Alex Stamos, the former head of security at Facebook.

8chan had moved to its servers using a third party vendor, according to Stamos. Voxility had apparently previously been unaware 8chan was utilizing its services through the third party.

About 30 minutes after Stamos tweeted, Voxility responded in a tweet saying it was “addressing this urgently.”

Soon after, Voxility tweeted, “Update. 3rd party hosting the content is no longer available via Voxility network.”

Maria Sirbu, Voxility’s vice president of business development, told CNN in an email, “This is totally against our policy and yes, we acted as fast we could. Most of the notes came via our social media accounts and it took us a few minutes to put everything together. We are a registered telco that provides services to identifiable resellers and as soon as we were notified on the content hosted by Epik/BitMitigate – we proceeded with completely removing the reseller from Voxility network.”

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