Angry Crowd Forms After Dallas Police Shooting

Dozens of angry residents gathered on a sweltering southeast Dallas street after a fatal police shooting of a suspect spread through the neighborhood.

The incident happened sometime after 5 p.m. Tuesday in a neighborhood about three miles southeast of downtown Dallas. Police Chief David Brown says 911 operators received a report of a five Hispanic men dragging a black man into a house. Brown says later investigation found no Hispanic men in the neighborhood.

When officers arrived, four men fled the house, one taking a gun off a table with him. Brown says officers didn’t know who had the gun.

Veteran Officer Brian Rowden chased James Harper in a pursuit punctuated by three fights. Rowden says Harper finally told him that the officer would have to kill him. The officer, believing his life in jeopardy, shot the man. Another man surrendered.

Aerial video showed onlookers shouting at officers in riot gear but eventually dispersed. No arrests were reported among the onlookers, though.