The Ancient Masters Four Longevity Rituals

Here are four remarkable morning rituals advocated by some monks and practitioners of holistic medicine. These rituals work with the body’s natural processes and cycles (instead of against them). While they cannot guarantee you will live well past 100 as some who practice these rituals daily do, you will be assured of less sickness, robust health and a greater feeling of well being. These easy detoxification rituals are the foundation of physical cleansing that promotes slower aging, increased strength, stamina, and a supple agility lasting decades longer than the unenlightened person of the Western world.

Many in the East have learned from the Masters over the centuries. While much of the teachings entail the spiritual and philosophical side of life, many also touch on achieving a proper physical balance that is in harmony with the ki.

Many Westerners misinterpret ki, or think it only applies to the martial arts. In actuality, ki is very similar to a form of positive thinking: confidence, or a state of mind and body fusion.

Before any advancement can be made toward balancing the body and mind, toxins must be eliminated. The Masters Four Longevity Rituals followed every morning upon arising from sleep build the foundation for attainment.

1. The tongue cleansing ritual

The ancient Masters of Tibet, Nepal, China and India strongly advocated ridding the accumulated poisons from the tongue. Tongue cleansing is part of the Ayurveda Diet and rids the body of ‘ama.’

A paste-like digestive waste product that adheres to the top of the tongue, ama is described by Maharishi Ayurveda as the most common toxin. It “builds up in the digestive tract when your digestion is either weak or overloaded with the wrong foods.

“If ama is not cleared from the body and continues to build up, eventually it can leave the digestive tract and start circulating through the body. Once it settles in a specific area, over time ama becomes reactive and mixes with the subdoshas, the dhatus (body tissues), or malas (waste products such as urine). When it mixes with these parts of the physiology, it becomes amavisha, a more reactive, toxic type of ama.”

2. The oil pulling ritual

The ancient ritual of oil pulling is something most Westerners have never heard of, let alone practice.

Oil pulling has huge health benefits and is easy to do. The ritual takes about 20 minutes and must be done on a completely empty stomach. For most people it’s easiest to oil pull during part of their normal morning routine.

One measured tablespoon of oil (cold pressed, organic sesame or sunflower oils only) swished in the mouth for 20 minutes removes all the harmful accumualtion of bacteria, viruses and bodily toxins. The oil leaches the substances and bacteria from the tissue where its become embedded and waiting to invade your body. The accumulation can also weaken your immune system obver time.

Strong, alcohol or chemical based consumer mouthwashes are no substitute for throuogh oil pulling. Store bouight mouthwashes only kill surface bacteria on contact and do not leach out the toxins, in fact, they may introduce additional toxins to the body.

For complete instructions on how to oil pull, go to

3. The warm water flushing ritual

Drinking one half cup of warm water aids daily digestion. Do not use warm tap water. Heat bottled or purified water. Do not make it steaming hot, just warmer than room temperature.

Warm water helps flush out toxic build up, improves emotional well-being, and enhances your body’s stamina and performance. Not only the original Eastern Masters and healers recognized the benefits of drinking pure, warm water before taking any food, Weatern health experts like the Mayo Clinic also advise doing it.

Other benefits of drinking warm water can be found here.

4. The bathing of the feet ritual

Bathing of the feet in the East and Middle East is not just a ritual that is a cultural custom. It is spiritual and a physically healing routine.

Ayurveda reveals the cycles of the body’s renewal. During the night the body heals itself and rejuvenates.

The Eastern Masters learned long ago that during the night toxins are flushed from the body. The toxic waste is sent through the digestive system into the bladder and bowels, into the mouth, and also to the feet. The soles of the feet especially exude bacteria and toxins. Yet, like much of the other health knowledge the Eastern Masters have known for millennia, most Westerners are unaware of the fact their feet build up toxins during the night.

If part of your morning ritual is not to take a bath, or even a shower, but to wait until later in the day, or even shower once before retiring for the night, then wash your feet in the morning.

The morning ritual of washing the feet is imperative as it rids the body of the poisons it’s sent to the soles of the feet during sleep.

These four rituals are literally the bedrock toward achieving optimal healt. When combined with sensible eating and regular moderate exercise and meditation, life can be extended many, many years. Aging will be slowed and general health boosted.