All Over The World People Are Preparing. How? And For What?

We do not know exactly what is coming, for water does not know to be steam until it is boiled, nor ice until it is frozen. Perhaps both are coming our way, but we do know something is coming, a change in state, a change in being on the Earth, a change in the Earth itself?

Some are preparing steel containers with canned goods and shotguns, some are retreating to mountain caves. Still others are building dwellings that fit into the garden landscape that are warm in winter, cool in summer; buldings that harvest water and sunlight and wind; that sustain their inhabitants, recycling its food into energy, waste into waterless worm toilets then compost back into the soil.

These preparations are called Earth Ships and people were building them over forty years ago, when the first stirrings started to manifest. Like wild animals before an earthquake, some of us are aware of the changes coming.

We look for clues and omens, we read into the Mayan calendar and the Prophesies and other ancient writings predictions of the logical conclusion to a world reaching its living protein saturation point, at which the planet is at peak ability to sustain the optimum amount of living matter including, we assume, the maximum number of humans.

In any closed ecosystem, from bacteria in a Petri dish to humans on a planet, the bell curve and plateau applies. The number of organisms in the system levels out at the point where only energy sustains life, which by then should have achieved a balance:

Earth also has quite predictable physical cycles which come eons apart, but on time, every time it seems and quite likely with equally predictable consequences: first the boil, then the freeze, we are told. As we approach December,we should as a species generally be thinking about that balance.