Too Late: Apocalypse-Proof Condos Already Sold Out

You can survive the end of the globe in this charming nuclear missile silo. The views aren’t excellent, but there won’t be something to see outside anyway.

What’s your favored doomsday scenario? Epidemic? Nuclear fallout? The Rapture redux? How about the Mayan apocalypse?

None of these will ruin your day if you live in Survival Condo, a converted nuclear ballistic missile silo in Kansas. With supplies of meals, air, and water, you can wait out Armageddon underground. For years, developer Larry Hall, a former software program engineer, has been doing work on a 1960s-era Atlas F missile silo in north-central Kansas, turning it into luxury lockdown residences in planning for inevitable finish-times (see cleanup photos right here). He says all units in the complex sold out this month, and there’s even a waiting list.

Why did he want to turn this 174-foot-deep hole into condos? “To have a protected location for the rising number of threats that are occurring,” Hall says. But why are people inclined to pay out $2 million apiece for the 1,820-square-foot units?

“Pick any of the following: global climate alter, worry of terrorism, feasible economic collapse, the solar cycle and achievable loss of power grid, attainable pandemics, civil unrest, and food shortages.” Also on his Web site: the planet Nibiru, a stray heavenly physique that will supposedly do a drive-by on the Earth one day.

Survival Condo will have adequate supplies of site-grown food and purified well and rain water to house 70 men and women in lockdown for years. Just so they will not go insane, the silo would also have amenities like a spa, film theater, classrooms, a bar, and a pool.

The swank residential spaces, meanwhile, would feature Jacuzzis, significant HDTV panels simulating windows, and deluxe appliances.

Electrical energy will be produced with a diesel generator and wind turbines. The site would also have a weapons cache, as well as security cameras and electrical fences outside–no doubt to keep the hordes of apocalyptic zombies at bay.

There had been dozens of Atlas silos built all around the U.S., and many other individuals have also been turned into homes. Web websites like promote former Nike, Atlas, and Titan launch sites that are for sale and prepared for conversion to doomsday shelters. Survival Condo, nevertheless, is special, according to Hall.

“This is the only Atlas F wherever the total facility was converted,” he says. “Others have carried out parts of the facility, but to my understanding this is the only one exactly where the whole facility was converted and modernized.”

Hall says that one of the condos in the silo is comprehensive, and the rest will be ready in 8 to 10 weeks. Meanwhile, he’s negotiating to build two or three much more shelters in decommissioned silos.

So maybe it is not as well late for you, after all. You’d far better begin saving up proper now.