A Wise Soldier & Possible “Alien” Threat

By TheLegend on ATS

This first video was filmed in December, 2011, but he mentions Fast & Furious being used to blame the 2nd Amendment, the government labeling any dissenters/protesters as “terrorists”, and says people being sent to one of the hundreds of FEMA and detention facilities is a real threat. He was also aware of the dangers of the NDAA before it was signed.

So I feel he’s very informed and his words are worth sharing. His information is solid and stems from personal experience with the military and from a variety of government connections.

Some of his key points:

1) Avoid the FEMA and detention camps at any cost, when/if that day comes.
2) Use your 2nd Amendment if they come to take it away. Don’t even think otherwise.
3) Not everything is going to the government’s plan. There is hope.
He also gives his take on Osama Bin Laden, 9/11, JFK and more.

Note that the video’s title and the info posted under it is not entirely relevant to the video itself. The user who posted it isn’t the one speaking. But it’s interesting he wrote there would be an “event” this October which will cause the activation of FEMA camps and martial law.

In 2012 Our military along with Japan and Russia military will activate their underground FEMA camps for American population control, after America the same thing will be done in India, and then the rest of the world after the event. Read your Georgia Guide Stones right now!

I’m not saying this is a reliable source. Whoever wrote that could be anyone. But on the Alex Jones radio show there was a St. Louis officer who said they were training with the military in preparation for “an event” in October. He says it would require “air and ground support”.

What could this “event” be? It would have to be deadly serious. Something unprecedented. Perhaps an…”Alien” threat? Gary McKinnon, who accessed classified NASA and Pentagon files, says the US government has alien technology and already had a small “fleet” as of 2001. He has been banned from ever using the internet again and the US government wants him extradited to serve 60 years in prison for causing damage that they likely framed him for (to make his offense extraditable).

This leads to a previous breadcrumb. Dr. Carol Rosin, a former leading aerospace executive and consultant who worked alongside Verner Von Braun, said years earlier that there was a far-reaching agenda in play.

Verner Von Braun divulged to her a great secret in 1974. He said first the US government would use the Soviets as the identified “enemy” to further their military, space, and control agenda. Second would be “terrorists”, third would be third world countries, fourth would be false asteroids…. Then finally, before establishing their NWO control grid, there would be an “alien” threat.

Looks like we’re running out of “enemies”. That final card may be played this year. They have the technology…but will they skip the “asteroid” threat and go for the gold? I think so. They’re running out of time.

Whatever happens…I think 2012 will be an exceptionally paramount year in modern history.