Big Brother In Your Volvo: If Your Drunk; You Wont Be Driving

Volvo has always been synonymous with car safety, and today it revealed its latest advances in technology it will introduce to the market in the next few years that it hopes will end road deaths in its cars.

The Swedish firm, now owned by Chinese giant Geely, will fit all new models from early 2020 with cameras to monitor driver reaction to determine if they’re drunk or distracted behind the wheel – and bring the vehicle safely to a stop if it thinks the driver is intoxicated.

It will also offer customers a new ‘Care Key’ from 2021, which allow them to set a maximum top speed for the vehicle when they lend it to younger members of their family or friends.

This follows an announcement earlier this month that all Volvos from 2020 will have a restricted top speed of 112mph as the car maker looks to step-up efforts to reduce driving fatalities.

Volvo says it will equip all its next-generation models with on-board cameras and sensors to measure how alert the individual at the wheel is. 

Cameras mounted behind the windscreen will also measure if the driver is not looking at the road or have their eyes closed completely. 

If the car detects that a driver might be drunk, fatigued or in any other way unfit to drive it can intervene in an effort to prevent an accident.

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