Ben & Jerrys agreed to remove all GMOs from its ingredients by the end of the year

For years, major corporations have been opposing GMO labeling, but the tide is finally starting to turn in a big way.

Ben & Jerry’s just agreed to remove all genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) from its list of ingredients by the end of the year. This is a huge shift for the company — just earlier this year, its corporate parent, Unilever, made headlines by contributing hundreds of thousands of dollars to the fight against GMO labeling. Now Ben & Jerry’s is doing an about-face and fighting against the likes of Monsanto to label GMO products and use natural ingredients instead.

As a more radical brand of a much large food corporation, Ben & Jerry’s can help drive the debate over GMOs in a big way. If Unilever and other companies see an outpouring of support for Ben & Jerry’s over this issue, it will help push more brands to change, and put power behind the movement for real food.

This isn’t an easy decision for Ben & Jerry’s — it will require an overhaul of over 200 products. Ben & Jerry’s needs to know that this is the right move, and that support from its customers will make this transition worth it.

Ben & Jerry’s has a legacy of supporting consumer health. A decade ago it championed labeling laws for products from cows treated with a genetically-engineered growth hormone.

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