Bill Takes Aim at Saggy Pants

By Bofta Yimam
FOX13 News

Tennessee students may need to hike up their pants. Legislators passed a bill which prohibits students from showing underwear or body-parts in an indecent manner.

Unlike a similar Tennessee bill which failed a few years ago, this bill doesn’t require a ruler to enforce. The stricter proposal also slapped a fine of up to 250 dollars and community service. This latest bill allows districts to decide the punishment.

The bill passed overwhelmingly in the senate and house Monday. Now, it’s in the Governor’s hands. Some say the move is needed. Brandon Brooks says he’s not down with the sag. “It’s degrading,” said Brooks.

Most Tennesse lawmakers say it’s distracting too. They passed a bill which bans saggy pants and clothes which show too much skin on school property.

“Everybody should dress how they wanna dress, it’s a free country,” said Trina Sanders.

“Then again, should take into consideration we don’t wanna see your underwear,” said Aisha Williams.

The next step is for the Governor to sign the bill into law. But some say it’s a waste of time.

“Just grown ups making more rules, gonna break em’ anyway,” said Ian Moss, Former East High School student.

Under the current bill, school districts would decide a less severe punishment.

“Maybe a fine, nothing to severe,” said Brooks. But they hope the move will push some students to put the sag, behind them.

If approved by the Governor, the law would take effect on July 1. Critics say legislators should stay out of student dress code’s and worry the law encourages racial profiling.


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