Biden Task Force to Recommend More Armed Cops in Schools

schoolcop3Kurt Nimmo

In addition to outlawing semiautomatic firearms and magazines, Obama’s anti-Second Amendment task force will recommend introducing more police in schools and further converting them into locked down prisons. Under the proposed plan, federal dollars would be used to hire more cops and install surveillance cameras in public schools.

The scheme was proposed by California Democrat Barbara Boxer after the NRA’s suggestion that armed guards be placed in schools to prevent another Newtown massacre.

Biden was reportedly “very, very interested” and may include it in the policy recommendations he makes to Obama next week.

“If a school district wants tohave a community policing presence, I think it’s very important they have it,” Boxer said on Thursday. “If they want uniformed officers, they can do it. If they want plainclothed (sic) officers, they can do it.”

Numerous studioes, however, demonstrate that instead of protecting students, police routinely criminalize and victimize them.

“Disrupting class, using profanity, misbehaving on a school bus, student fights and truancy once meant a trip to the principal’s office. Today, such misbehavior results in a Class C misdemeanor ticket and a trip to court for thousands of Texas students and their families each year,” the Texas Appleseed group said in a report issued earlier this week.

“Criminalization of student misbehavior extends to even the youngest students,” the report said. “In Texas, students as young as 6 have been ticketed at school in the past five years, and it is not uncommon for elementary school students to be ticketed by school-based law enforcement.”

The NAACP Legal Defense Fund and other groups also oppose Boxer’s suggestion to put more federally funded police in public schools.

According to criminology researchers, in the 1970s there were fewer than 100 school police officers nationwide. The National Association of School Resource Officers estimates that there are now more than 10,000 “school resource officers,” or SROs, in public schools and most of them are armed.

“The reality of public schools in America is that they resemble prisons, holding children captive and subjecting them to monitoring, authoritarian supervision, arbitrary rules, prescribed conformity, coerced abstinence, zero tolerance insanity, irrational fears, invasion of privacy, prison-like security, unlawful searches, mind-controlling drugs, and the police state,” writes Karen De Coster.

Biden and Boxer are working to enhance the public education prison process and train children to accept a burdensome and ominous police state. They are also working to make sure millions of adult citizens will be unable to protect themselves from a predatory and tyrannical state by outlawing their firearms and eventually mandating confiscation.