1,150 Cameras Are Being Installed On Buses. Feel Safe Now?

At the lower bus way of busy Forest Hills station, it’s hard to find riders who are upset about the T’s plans to double the number of security cameras.

Roslindale commuter Hector Serrano said there’s balance between the safety the cameras are said to offer and the potential invasion of privacy.

“In life you have to give something to get something,” he said under the watchful eyes of at least two overhead cameras.

The T plans to add thousands of cameras—they won’t say exactly how many—via millions in federal grants, the Globe reports.

The new cameras will go in places they haven’t been before, like inside buses and trains. One civil libertarian warns that the cameras haven’t been proven to deter crime and that they come with a heavy cost of accepting a surveillance state.

In a blog post on boston.com, Kade Crockford of the American Civil Liberties Union says the T has told us nearly nothing about how it plans to use the cameras.