Creepy Creatures Near Hell

Beyond_Hell_ValleyBY STORENSKI

This recently happened to my friend, Joe, and me near Hell, Michigan. I had driven my Jeep Wrangler over to my friend’s house about 15 miles west of Detroit at around noon because we were planning on taking the doors and top off and going out for a cruise to a restaurant we knew in Hell.

We loaded everything into his garage and set off. We got to the restaurant around 4:30, and following federal regulations, I took my CZ-84 handgun from my waistband, unloaded it and placed the weapon in my center console (which locks) and the magazine in my glove box (which also locks), since I’m not allowed to carry a concealed weapon into any restaurant that serves alcohol.

Around eight in the evening, the place was starting to get pretty dead, so we decided to head home. I remember walking next door to a small party store and purchasing a pack of cigarettes and noticing that it was getting pretty dark outside.

We climbed into the Jeep and I unlocked my glove box and center console to retrieve my concealed-carry and slid it into it’s holster. Joe wanted to drive around some more and jam some tunes on the radio, so I started heading south to kind of take us out of our way so the ride back would take a bit longer.

At this point, night had fallen and we were traveling down a dirt road when we came upon two cars parked in the middle of the street with their lights and engines off. I parked about 30 yards back, flashed my high-beams a few times and was beginning to get a bit nervous and impatient.

I could have driven around the cars if the road had not been flanked by tall trees to either side. I turned to my friend, “Let’s check this out.” He replied in the affirmative and rolled out of the passenger door.
I pulled my Mini-Mag flashlight out of my belt loop and started walking toward the two vehicles, as I got closer, I drew my firearm and chambered a round. The vehicle to the left was stopped at an angle, with the nose just barely in front of the second car. It almost looked like the vehicle on the left had made the other car pull over. I found this to be very perplexing as there were no houses nearby and the most scenic thing around here were trees.

I checked both cars with my flashlight and found no traces of anyone in either vehicle, so I turned to my friend and said, “I think we should just turn around and get out of here. This stuff is kind of creepy.” He told me to stop whining because someone might be hurt and we proceeded to call into the night around us.

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