The CDC Knew The 2012 Zombie Pandemic Was Coming?

Have you had your “WTF” moment of the day? Well here it is. A comic published by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) in 2011 centers around a “zombie pandemic” that takes place specifically in the South-East of the United States. (Check out the comic on the CDC’s official website). The South-East is where we can find Miami, the city in which recent cases of “zombie-like attacks” took place in the past week. A third case just recently occurred in Miami.

While the CDC’s comic is meant to be an “entertaining way to learn about emergency preparedness”, it does feature a rather odd choice of disease. Also, the fact that the story mentions several that the pandemic takes place in the “South-East” is pretty…prophetic.


We can nowadays find tons of zombie news stories on the internet. “This does not look good, Max” indeed.

The rest of the comic is pretty much propaganda for creating and injecting vaccines into people A-S-A-Goddamn-P – exactly as described in my article on the movie Contagion (which was funded by the CDC).

As the news article stated above, the CDC actually went out of its way to state that there is no “zombie virus” spreading in the South-East. If that’s the case, what’s up with this comic? Coincidence? Synchronicity? Or do they know exactly what the hell is going on?

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