Certain medications cause people to commit murder…

pills-650x434Just as Natural News has warned for over a decade, mind-altering medications resembling tranquilizers and psychiatric medicine (SSRIs) have now been confirmed to enhance the danger of an individual committing homicide.

A brand new research printed within the journal World Psychiatry (June 1st) discovered that a number of courses of prescription medications — together with antidepressant medicine, tranquilizers and anti inflammatory painkillers — markedly elevated the probabilities of somebody murdering one other human being.

This hyperlink has lengthy been suspect in antidepressants, which have been repeatedly linked to mass faculty shootings within the United States.

“I think that these chemical substances affect the impulse control of the person,” Dr. Jari Tiihonen, lead writer and a professor, instructed Medical Daily. “The only surprising result was that painkillers also increase the risk.”

According to the research’s findings:

• Antidepressant medicine elevated the danger of committing murder by 31%.

• Tranquilizers elevated the danger of committing murder by 45%.

• Opioid ache relievers elevated the danger of committing murder by 92%.

• Anti-inflammatory painkillers elevated the danger of committing murder by 200%.

For years, the New Media / Independent Media has been warning concerning the risks of psychiatric medicine inflicting violence. The mainstream media, which now receives as a lot as 70% of its promoting income from drug firms, has all however censored this story, largely ignoring the mass deaths going down proper in our native communities.

America is presently experiencing a large crime wave, with gangs working free within the streets of cities like Baltimore and Chicago. The variety of shootings that occurred in Baltimore over simply the Memorial Day weekend — 32 — is bigger than the entire variety of shootings that happen in a whole 12 months in lots of different international locations.

In the month of May alone, there have been 300 shootings in Chicago, with 35 deaths.

Here’s the query of the day: How many people in Baltimore and Chicago are on antidepressant medicine? How many are taking anti-inflammatory painkillers? How many people who participated within the current riots had been working with medicated brains? What position does medicine play within the escalating violence now spiraling uncontrolled throughout a lot of America’s cities? (A medicated inhabitants just isn’t a rational inhabitants… the place will this lead subsequent?)

Gun management advocates level to firearms because the cause of such violence, however the logic does not pan out. Guns do not shoot by themselves. (I attempted it with a magic wand time and again, and I may by no means get my rifle to fireplace except I intentionally pulled the set off.) Firearms require an individual to decide so as to unleash a high-velocity bullet within the path of an supposed goal. That decision-making course of is exactly what’s compromised by mind-altering medications. SSRIs can push some people over the sting, inflicting them to illegally use a firearm in a approach its producer by no means supposed. In a lot the identical approach, somebody can drink lots of alcohol and use a automobile to commit mass murder, too. Both of those are chemically induced homicides utilizing mechanical instruments (vehicles or weapons) which had been by no means meant to kill harmless people.

What they each have in frequent is inhibited cognitive perform brought on by chemical substances. “Medicated driving” is simply as harmful as “drunk driving…” and probably much more so.

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