Chemicals in men’s grooming products linked with cancer, obesity

By Jordana Divon

Every week it seems as though there’s a new study detailing how everything we eat, drink, or inhale is colluding to make us ill and this week is no exception.

This week, a Toronto-based organization called Environmental Defence has released a Movember-timed report that targets men, and specifically, some of the grooming products they’re likely to employ come December 1 to shave off that mo’stache.

The report claims certain chemicals found in the shaving creams, deodorants, body washes and shampoos in men’s products have been linked to a list of serious health issues ranging from sperm damage to cancer to birth defects.

These chemicals, they say, are not listed on the products’ ingredients list.

“People tend to think of this as a women’s issue, but we wanted to raise awareness that guy’s products also need to be looked at,” Maggie MacDonald, Environmental Defence’s program manager, tells CTV’s Canada AM.

“Consumers can protect themselves, but only if they are educated and aware.”

Researchers tested 17 common products and said they found 1,4-Dioxane, a known carcinogen, in some and phthalates — a chemical that’s been linked to male reproductive health issues — in others.

In fact, phthalates, often used to make fragrances for body care products, have recently been banned in Denmark, while the article notes that the federal government in Canada has clamped down on the use of six different phthalates in children’s products.

MacDonald tells the news network that immediate reactions won’t be visible unless someone is extremely sensitive, but that the toxins build up in the body over time.

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