CNN Pays Airports $100,000 Each to Play Fake News At Gates

Tucker Carlson Tonight’s investigation revealed that CNN is paying off more than fifty major airports across the U.S. to promote their broadcast to unsuspecting passengers at airline gates.

The network charges around $100,000 each for airlines to play the fake news, adding up to $6 million in bribes. Such use of network resources may potentially be used to support legitimate and newsworthy reporting projects, but the network, under Jeff Zucker’s leadership, then adopts a pay-as-you-go approach to getting its propaganda distributed to non-consent audiences.

Those who suffer the often exhausting task of waiting at an airport don’t want to be bombarded with a torrent of fake news, but that doesn’t stop CNN from subjecting them to it.

Essentially, it’s not too shocking that the failing network will have to pay airlines to air their content. In the midst of a constant stream of frenzied impeachment reporting, the ratings of the network have been reported to have plummeted to a low of three years.

I was at LAX yesterday while the anchors were talking about what a sad, somber, solemn, sorrowful day it is,” remarked Tucker’s guest, conservative author and commentator Mark Steyn. “And people did look sad, somber, sorrowful, and solemn – but that was because they had been stuck at gate 59 watching Wolf Blitzer for four hours.

CNN will continue its paid bombardment of unsuspecting travelers with frantic, sensational impeachment content over the holidays, fervently maintaining that President Trump is set to be imminently taken down by congressional Democrats. While millions in bribes will keep them on airport TV’s, it’s less clear if anyone is actually paying attention.

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