City of Detroit to use sensors for pinpointing gunshots

29shots1-popupBy George Hunter

Detroit police are considering making a second run at using “ShotSpotter” technology that uses sound sensors to find where gunshots are coming from, Chief James Craig said Friday.

The possibility of using the technology was among the revelations by Craig during an online chat with Detroit News readers on The chats are part of an ongoing effort by The News to connect readers with decision-makers and other influential people in southeastern Michigan.

Mayor Dave Bing pushed two years ago for the city to sign a three-year, $2.6 million contract to use ShotSpotter, but the City Council narrowly rejected the measure. Craig recently started drafting a plan for using the technology but has not requested funding from the city, said Detroit Police Sgt. Michael Woody, a department spokesman.

During Friday’s chat, Craig also said another large-scale raid — similar to those conducted in recent weeks at the Colonial Arms and Martin Luther King apartment complexes — is planned.

“All I can say is the west side is next,” Craig wrote. The effort will be dubbed “Operation Mistletoe,” he said.

Police officials said at a recent meeting that the next raid would be in a neighborhood, as opposed to an apartment complex, and it would be before Christmas. Craig has said the raids serve two purposes: Getting people with outstanding warrants off the streets; and sending a message that crime won’t be tolerated.

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