Doomsday Survival List

Patrick Geryl, who has spent more than $130,000 preparing for doomsday, sent CNNMoney his list of the nearly 100 survival items that he plans to purchase before December. 21, 2012 — the day he believes the world as we know it will end. While the list is constantly growing, here’s his latest version as of early March:

Hook needle no. 2.5 (rope/clothing hooks of grass or wood fibre)
Set of large, long firm needles
Wind protected /impermeable ski jacket with cap.
Undershirt with long sleeves and trousers with long legs (thermal underwear)
T-shirt long sleeve (long enough to cover bottom)
T-shirt short sleeve
Fleece pullover with collar and zipper
Lightweight long sport trousers
Lightweight sport pants or shorts
Ski gloves and 1 pair of thin gloves
Bonnet or cap with side and back flaps
Thick socks — layer technique
Firm mount walking/ hiking shoes/boots with thick profile shoe-leather
Extra set of laces
Clear rain suit with trousers or overall with cap
The cost of preparing for doomsday
The yellow material box
Desalinate for marine water, fire arrows (day and night), fire sticks, slide hamper for trunk transport
Backpack and nylon bags
Sleeping bag
Plastic sail 2 x 3 meters (when tent is lost or broken)
Aluminum foil rescue/emergency blanket
Portable plastic jerry cans (drinking water, petrol…)
Chemical light bars/sticks
First aid box (including sterile needles and tick tweezer)
Drafting Table — for charting stars in the sky
Binocular, night-vision goggles
Pocket lamp with dynamo lamp principle
Small metal whistle (emergency signals)
Swiss multipurpose knife (can opener, screwdriver, scissors…)
Fishing lines, hooks, sinkers
Wire saw
Small chopping axe
Grind stone
Small iron shovel with folding blade
5 meters parachute cord (to make snares, catch game)
Pistol/gun and bullets/shells
Bow and arrows
Hanging gun rack, or ceiling rack
Speed arrows (220-250 km hour)
Thick firm pencil
2 bundles iron yarn (repairing)
30 meters smoothly braided rope of mountain climbing quality
50 meters thin nylon cord
Mosquito net
Strong sun/snow glasses (on mount altitude preventing eye damage because of radiation, very important!)
Plastic gloves
Rubber band or tape to seal off clothing
Face mask with filter to stop volcanic gas /dust Iodine tablets
Radiation meter
Heating & Fire
Fire sticks (to make fire burn faster, and longer)
Magnifying glass (make fire) magnesium block fire starter
Waterproof matches with wax coating
2 lighters (BIC type) flint (packed waterproof, last longer)
Small gas or ethylated sterno burner (food/ snow melting or disinfecting water)
Food and Drinks
Dry grain wafers
Dried fruit bars
Quick cooking rice
Pan with matching lid
Small kettle
Large deep plate
Set cutlery
Drinking container
Thermal field bottle (thermos)
Plastic folding water bag or box of condoms (to use as water bag)
Sacks of vegetable seed (grains…)
iodine tablets or tincture for protection thyroid at atom calamity
Water purification tablets
Small personal drinking water filter
Shaving products
Small mirror
Small scissors
Medicines: eye drops, bacteria/virus infection pills, antibiotics
General surviving tips
Edible plants, herbs, mushrooms
Road map to Southern Spain (sudden departure)