Darkness Over Tibet: The Nazi Connection

As I write the Adventures With Cassiopaea Series and its supplements, readers are busy sending their feedback and the Quantum Future School continues to assess and analyze our observations for deeper insight. This last process has brought us many advances in the “heating of the crucible” of our experiences which, as the C’s pointed out, is of great benefit:

Q: (A) A related question concerning our internet activities which have been going on for some time, and we do it because we feel that it is necessary, but we don’t really know or understand what is the real purpose of what we are doing. Some people are reading our pages and writing letters, and then they disappear or they are discouraged, or they do nothing on their own. We are expending a lot of time on this publishing of information, but without clear understanding of what we are supposed to accomplish by this. (L) At this point, it is not accomplishing a whole lot except drawing down fire on our heads! (A) Right!
A: You should rejoice! From the fire comes light. Patience pays. You are on the right track. Fear not, have we steered you wrong a lot lately?

That’s all fine and good and easy for the C’s to say; they aren’t the ones taking the heat! As the well-informed reader might expect, as a result of the two previous articles on Rene Schwaller de Lubicz, there have been serious ripples in the Matrix.

One reason for this may be exactly what we reported: because Schwaller and others of his ilk are the “inspiration” for the current “New Egyptology” and Occult Uniformitarian Synarchy which is the underlying philosophy behind most New Age Vacuum Cleaner operations being propagated on the unsuspecting public at the present time.

We have covered to some extent, the “teachings” of Schwaller, showing their premise, and have compared this to the position of the Cassiopaeans on similar subjects. We have further related these teachings to the problem of Time Loops and the Atlantean Replay Trap being set by hyperdimensional self-serving beings with what appear to be plans to take over our planet and turn it into their own private “energy farm,” which does not include any beneficial plans for humanity in general. Naturally, exposing these things inevitably leads to either the appearance on the scene of new “agents” of the Matrix, or the “reprogramming” and/or repositioning of those agents already set up on the Game Board.

The Adventures With Cassiopaea Series was begun as an effort to develop understanding of the actions and motivations of the various “agents,” because it is only in the broader context that we can understand that there is a “forest” and not just a couple of trees. It is also only in this broader context that the full multi-millennial, hyperdimensional nature of the “Game” can be seen.

Most of the small potatoes “game pieces,” such as Vincent Bridges, Jay Weidner, and others of their ilk would swear to their dying day that they are not “agents of the Matrix.” And, as far as what they are aware of, they are correct. They are pawns with no necessity – or even capacity – to comprehend the significance of the game being played. They are “reaction machines,” with a “panel of buttons” that get pushed or dials that get twisted via their environment or associations. It would make as much sense to be angry at them as to be angry at a rabid dog for having the disease and foaming at the mouth.

But such people are often very much like the protagonist in the movie “Arlington Road,” where, because of their nature as “reaction machines,” they are subject to extreme manipulation by very clever puppet masters. In the end, they only accomplish exactly what they think they are trying to avoid – they take the bomb into the building. And in our reality, the “terrorists” are hyperdimensional, and far more capable than the gang of terrorists in Arlington Road. I highly recommend this movie for insight into our problems in 3rd density.

As I was finishing up the Schwaller de Lubicz articles, I received a “surprise” package in the mail. A reader had sent me a little book entitled Darkness Over Tibet. by a certain Theodore Illion. It was originally published in English in 1937 and is about Illion’s purported trip into Tibet between 1934 and 1936. The name was an intriguing word clue since, at one point in the past five years, I did a lot of studying on the subject of Illion and Troy, including the related word studies.

I was curious about the origins of this book and undertook to discover if it was just another “Lobsang Rampa” type of thing. I could find no biographical details about T. Illion, except for the fact that he used other pseudonyms for other works, and that yes, the original book had been published in German as Ratfelhaftes Tibet, in Hamburg, in 1936. I was able to obtain a first edition from a bookseller in Amsterdam to establish the provenance of the book, but I thought it was strange that I could only find one listed with the many antiquarian book sellers I contacted. The English Rider edition was brought out a year later. Establishing that the book was published at this early date is one thing, discovering information about the background of the author is another. There just doesn’t seem to be any.

I did read several very unfavorable reviews of the book on amazon, most of which were skeptical of the stories in the book itself. However, being familiar with the most definitely verified travels and writings of Alexandra David-Neel, I could see that these criticisms came from people who were not very familiar with such work. Yet, I had to agree that the story seemed to be somewhat “artificial,” even if certain elements of it struck me as being factual in that, if they had been made up, a different and more satisfying resolution would have been given them.

I next checked the chronology of events in terms of David-Neel’s travels, and realized that the Illion book was written precisely during the period when Alexandra was ensconced in France, writing and lecturing widely. In fact, this book came out immediately after she had returned from her long treks in Tibet and had settled down for a period. That struck me as an interesting item. I thought that it was possible that this T. Illion was a student of hers, or even a nom de plume of either herself or her sidekick, Lama Yongden. However, the fact that the book was written in German argues against it being either David-Neel herself, or her companion. So, if there is any connection, it would probably be a student or colleague. In any event, there are several reasons for suspecting some sort of connection between Illion and David-Neel.

One of T. Illion’s other pseudonyms is “Theodore Burang.” The name “Burang” seems to be a Tibetan “county.” The name ‘Theodor(e)’ means ‘lover of God’; ‘Illion’ is related to the ancient city “Ilium.” In 1863, Charles Maclaren wrote:

Ilium was for a considerable period to the Heathen world, what Jerusalem is now to the Christian, a ‘sacred’ city which attracted pilgrims by the fame of its wars and its woes, and by the shadow of ancient sanctity reposing upon it. Without abusing language, we may say that a voice speaking from this hill, three thousand years ago sent its utterances over the whole ancient world, as its echoes still reverberate over the modern. [The Plain of Troy Described]

In Homer’s Iliad, the Achaeans were fighting against Trojans, and we have already discussed some speculative possibilities about the Time Loop factor, Atlantis vs. The “Athenians,” being the original “Trojan War” to which later wars were assimilated in the mythicization process discussed in our book The Secret History of The World, and how it may relate to the present day struggle between the forces of Darkness and Light.

As if to point in this direction, in a third book by Ms. David-Neel co-authored by her Tibetan lama/monk/companion, Lama Yongden, makes reference to yet another book by her:

La Vie surhumaine de Guesar de Ling (the Tibetan Iliad)“. The words in parentheses are hers.” [The Secret Oral Teachings in Tibetan Buddhist Sects. The quote was from Note 7 at the bottom of page 114, City Lights, San Francisco, 1967.]

Another interesting relation between the two books – David-Neel’s and Illion’s – is the fact that both of them mention Padmasambhava as being the progenitor of a “degenerate sect of Tantric Buddhism.” David-Neel also writes about the many Tibetan occultists, vulgar sorcerers, who only seek to acquire magic powers – the primary subject of Darkness Over Tibet.

The introduction to the currently available edition of Darkness Over Tibet tells us that it is in the form of “classic travel writings of the 1930’s. It is believed that Illion’s accounts of Tibet were instrumental in persuading the Nazi government of Germany to send yearly expeditions into Tibet.”

T. Illion wrote in the preface to Darkness Over Tibet:

In my book In Secret Tibet I have given an outline of my recent journey to Tibet […] After witnessing various marvels […] I reached the final stage of the journey in the most inaccessible part of the country where live the genuine Tibetan hermits, who can read people’s thoughts and possess the strange power to maintain themselves young almost indefinitely.

David-Neel also writes about such, as well as those who achieve this state by the “Dark method,” telling us that this method seems to involve the consumption of human flesh. She tells us:

There exist, so [some anchorites belonging to the Dzogschen sect] said, certain human beings who have attained such a height degree of spiritual perfection, that the original material substance of their bodies has become transmuted into a more subtle one which possesses special qualities. […] A morsel of their transformed flesh, when eaten, will produce a special kind of ecstasy and bestow knowledge and supernormal powers upon the person partaking of it.

David-Neel describes for us the rituals of these “sacred feasts” in some detail, and the feeling that one begins to get about the whole Tibetan “spiritualism” is one of revulsion.

Nevertheless, she confirms that there are mystics and hermits who are of the light, though it seems that the vast majority of Tibetan mysticism is purely and simply black magic and sorcery.

Getting back to Illion, he writes about the rare, few and far between Wise men:

My talks with these wise men, which are recorded in my earlier book, reflect a certain degree of understanding of the vital problems of Life and Death, spiritual crimes, Salvation and Eternity, and many of my readers will have wondered how the author arrived at a degree of understanding which made these spiritual contacts possible.

Let me say, then, in this connection, that real understanding in spiritual matters is the result of much bitter fighting, of suffering, spiritual agony and soul passion. Life itself would have no meaning if there was no fighting on all planes, if all was smooth and monotonous. Everything fights in nature. Every plant fights to get more sunlight. Every animal fights for food; the angels themselves fight. Constant struggle on all planes to which it has access is the birthright of the creature. Woe to him who wants to put himself on a level with the Creator and escape fighting!

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