Is DHS Preparing for False Flag Attack on American Shopping Malls?

By Susanne Posel

In Virginia and Indiana, Simon Property, owner of 393 properties worldwide, including the Town Center in Aurora, (the shopping mall located near the Century 16 Theater in Colorado where the Batman shooting took place) plans to partner with DHS and Janet Napolitano to participate in the See Something, Say Something campaign which turns average American citizens into Stasi.

New participants in the DHS surveillance campaign are representatives from Major League Baseball, Major League Soccer, National Basketball Association, National Hockey League, and National Football League.

According to Napolitano:

“We’re all safer when everyone is alert and engaged” and she wants the American public to spy on each other because our continued safety is “a shared responsibility”.

With the assistance of Simon Malls, tenants and employees of tenants will be encouraged, through the use of the Delphi technique, into spying and reporting “suspicious behavior” displayed by fellow employees and patrons.

Napolitano has said that the DHS will expand their Stasi into every city, state, university, private business, transportation depot, hotel/motel, and retail stores by brainwashing the public into believing that spying for the US government is actually patriotic.

Napolitano explains:

“When we each do our part, we keep our nation safe, one hometown at a time.”

Reported last month in mainstream media was the premise that the DHS had reason to believe that there was reasonable supposition that radicalized extremists could threaten shopping malls.

Federal and local law enforcement was on alert that Middle Eastern Islamic militants or rightwing extremists could and most likely would threaten a shopping mall to instill fear into the general public.

The Southern Poverty Law Center who is sponsored by both the FBI and the Zionist-controlled Anti-Defamation League reported that militia groups in the US had risen to 824 and that there was an intensification of racist hatred by white supremacists in the militia movements.

Equating the patriot movement with radicalized extremists in the mainstream media effectively blurs the line between government-sponsored terrorism and support for our Constitutional Republic.

According to a 2004 report from the DHS entitled Characteristics and Common Vulnerabilities Infrastructure Category: Shopping Malls, every mall in America is a “soft target” which could be used by terrorists to “cause economic damage, inflict casualties and instill fear.”

DHS specified that among other types of security breaches, explosives (such as a car bomb or suicide bomber) tops their list of potential “threats of concern” regarding shopping malls.

Last month, DHS, through the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) solicited 1,400 pounds of ammonium nitrate and A-5 Flake RDX – the same ingredients needed for a home-made fertilizer bomb.

Interestingly, the DHS, by request of Congress, formed the Ammonium Nitrate Security Program wherein they oversee purchases of ingredients that could be used to produce an improvised explosive devise (IEDs).

An attack on a shopping mall could potentially cause casualties of an estimated 46,000 according to the National Research Bureau. DHS outlined the fact that vulnerabilities in the construction of malls could be taken advantage of by terrorists.

By infiltrating ventilation systems, electrical or telecommunications systems, and water plumbing and sewage systems, a typical shopping mall in a general region could be used as a devastating weapon.

In response to managing this potential threat, DHS has conducted training exercises with state, local and private sector partners “to enhance awareness of terrorist threats to the nation’s critical infrastructure and key resources.”

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