Small Drone Hobbyist Exposes Polluting Meat Packing Plant


Local, state and federal officials are investigating a century-old meatpacking plant in Texas after a local resident uncovered evidence using his unmanned aircraft. An unidentified man flying a small drone, appropriately called Exposure, captured images of blood flowing through a creek behind Columbia Packing, a 99-year-old slaughterhouse in Dallas.

The drone hobbyist forwarded the pictures to authorities, and environmental inspectors now suspect the company has been illegally dumping pig’s blood directly into Cedar Creek, which flows into Trinity River.

Dallas Meat Packing Plant Investigated After Drone Images Reveal Pollution (by Gary Mortimer, sUAS News)

Texas UAV Enthusiast Uses Pilotless Aircraft to Uncover River Contamination (by Carlton Purvis, Security Management)

Investigation Continues into Pigs’ Blood in the Trinity River (by Rebecca Lopez and Jason Whitely, WFAA TV)