5 Investigates uncovers evidence about friendly fire at Marathon bombing


5 Investigates has learned the release of a report taking a critical look at the response to the Boston Marathon bombings will now be delayed until after the trial of accused bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

However, 5 Investigates has obtained exclusive information about friendly fire and communication during the aftermath of the terrorist attack — both problems that are expected to be part of this still-confidential report

A photo obtained exclusively by 5 Investigates shows how close a bullet came to two undercover police officers driving an unmarked state police truck during the hunt for the marathon bombing suspects in Watertown.

5 Investigates has learned more than 10 shots were fired into the truck by another officer from behind, blowing out the back window and narrowly missing State Police Lt. Dan Wells and Boston Police Officer Kenny Conley. It all happened on Adams Street, moments after the shootout with the Tsarnaev brothers about four blocks away.

Kevin Brewster and his neighbors heard the shots ring out on Adams Street but had no idea that what they were witnessing was a case of friendly fire. “I heard a lot of yelling, a lot of shouting, get down, bang, bang, bang,” said Brewster, who caught the aftermath on camera.

The burst of gunfire was triggered by an erroneous report that the bombing suspects had stolen an unmarked state police pickup truck.

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