Rossi BUSTED lying – PESN drops support – E-CAT is a fraud

Rossi has been caught red handed telling lies and now even a tolerant PESN have withdrawn their support for him.

You have got to start thinking. As soon as I saw he was selling a $1.5 million dollar 1MW machine- but not a smaller one – I knew he was full of it because a larger cold fusion plant is simply an array of smaller ones. I wanted to think Rossi was honest but if you think for two seconds? Facts tell you he is not. You do not need to be a scientist to catch a guy like Rossi lying.

To all the people who blindly followed this guy – you have got to be cautious. Learn from your mistake, we all make mistakes. If someone cannot prove their claims beyond doubt do not believe it until they do. A fool and his money are easily parted. Do not be a fool.

I commend PESN for having the guts to admit they were wrong and apologize to their readers but even PESN are in this delusional state where they want to believe – for the planets sake – that Rossi just might be for real.

Well, this “planet is dying” stuff is a con too. There are some problems, but it is not “dying”. Just another way to con and manipulate gullible fools out of their money. The sky is not falling down, humans will transcend our issues with technology, you just have to be patient.

Yesterday, the New Energy Times published the following statement regarding Andrea Rossi and his E-Cat:

Andrea Rossi, the inventor of the Energy Catalyzer, told an inspector from the Florida Bureau of Radiation Control that he has no factory in the United States and that no nuclear reactions occur in his devices.

Rossi’s statements contradict nearly everything he has said in the last year about his claims of a factory and his development of a low-energy nuclear reaction device.

Rossi told the bureau that his device produces thermal energy of six times the electrical energy input. However, for the last several years, Rossi claimed nuclear reactions occur in his device.

The bureau responded to a citizen’s complaint, made by Gary Wright of Las Vegas, in February. New Energy Times obtained the report from this blog. Wright was concerned that Rossi’s device had failed proper nuclear certifications or, if not, that Rossi was committing fraud.

I looked through the very lengthy report surrounding that complaint and follow-up. It contains a detailed review of Andrea Rossi’s claims and dealings with the E-Cat, as well as some of his previous work with biofuel and waste to energy. It documents extensively the fact that 1) Andrea Rossi has been claiming nuclear events in his E-Cat process, and 2) Andrea Rossi has been claiming the establishment of U.S. manufacturing.

An inspector from the Florida Bureau of Radiation Control, Jim Stokes, met with Rossi in Rossi’s Miami apartment on Feb. 29, 2012. Here is the concluding text from his report that is included in the earlier-mentioned collection, along with official insignia:

“I spoke with [Mr.] Rossi concerning the construction and operation of his E-Cat device. He stated the active ingredients are powdered nickel and a tablet containing a compound which releases hydrogen gas during the process. [Rossi states that] the output thermal energy is six times the electrical energy input. He acknowledged that no nuclear reactions occur during the process and that only low-energy photons in the energy range of 50 to 100 KeV occur within the device. There are no radiation readings above background when the device is in operation. Since the device is not a reactor, the [Nuclear Regulatory Commission] does not have jurisdiction. Since there [are] no radioactive materials used in the construction and no radioactive waste generated by it, the state of Florida Bureau of Radiation Control has no jurisdiction. [Rossi states that] currently all production, distribution and use of these devices is overseas. [Rossi states that he] has arranged to meet with Underwriters Laboratories (UL) to seek approval for manufacture in the United States. I thanked [Mr.] Rossi for his time meeting with me.”

Let me enumerate some of the most obvious contradictions by Rossi:

  1. “No nuclear reactions occur during the process.” This contradicts his earlier claims, and it contradicts what other researchers are finding and reporting in similar set-ups. If he was not lying to Jim Stokes, then he has been lying to all the rest of us. Reference: Replicators (as of January 12, 2012) – An annotated and linked list of reports of 14 people who have achieved a Ni + H reaction. (NickelPower)
  2. “There are no radiation readings above background when the device is in operation.” This contradicts earlier claims, and it contradicts what other researchers are finding and reporting in similar set-ups. Such a measurement is a key signal that the technology is nuclear, and valid as claimed. When I was at the October 28, 2011 test in Bologna, I talked to the guy making background radiation readings for the test, and he said that gamma radiation had been measured more than a year ago from the E-Cat when Rossi still allowed the reactor to be open. Since then it has been shielded, and no radiation has been detected coming from the unit during operation. Defkalion’s 3rd party testing presently under way in Greece includes the detection of gamma radiation as evidence of the nuclear events taking place. Maybe according to Stokes, gamma radiation doesn’t count as “nuclear”. At least from a regulatory point of view, it is essentially benign at low levels.
  3. “Currently all production, distribution and use of these devices is overseas.” This contradicts Rossi’s public claims of establishing manufacturing in the US; and it contradicts his claims of the technology being tested by UL (a US company), mentioned in the next sentence. How could they test it if they are not “using” it? Considering his intention to manufacture in the U.S., if indeed nothing is happening yet (which is not how he has portrayed this publicly), he should have replied “not yet, but let’s stay in touch.”

Anyone who has been following the E-Cat saga can see how blatant these contradictions are that Rossi made to Jim Stokes (or to us).

If he was trying to get out of having to come into compliance with nuclear regulations, that seems unethical. Anyone dealing with nuclear processes needs to jump through the necessary hoops to be legal and to assure the customer that they are safe. Because the gamma radiation is so low, and can be shielded easily, it shouldn’t be that difficult to jump through the needed hoops. I can’t fathom that he was just being lazy and hadn’t even considered this before Jim Stokes showed up. He should have been able to say, “Here are the measures we have taken so far.”

These contradictions remind me of when he gave me permission to post as his official site on 11.11.11, then later that day started telling people that he never authorized the site. I have a recording of the Skype conversation in which he gave me that authorization. Despite what you think about how adequate the site I prepared was, he loved it, and gave his thumbs up the morning I announced it. Then when negative comments started coming in, he publicly said he never approved it.

Not only does he seem to change his story to suit his purposes, but he thinks nothing about backstabbing people who are genuinely trying to help him. I’m not the only victim and witness to that behavior. It seems to be his modus operandi with many of the people he works with, from what I can tell through the various conversations I’ve had. He is not a team player.

He deserves credit as a pioneer in the Ni-H LENR field, but I don’t have high expectations about his ability to pull off a successful launch of a company that will introduce this product to the market. These attributes of misrepresenting himself and backstabbing are show stoppers, not just detrimental.

I’m taking the E-Cat out of our Top 5 and am dropping it low among the runners up. I’ve also added this to the Buyer’s Beware page. He may still surprise us and end up pulling something off, but I don’t think it is likely.

I apologize to anyone that I’ve encouraged to try and do business with Andrea Rossi, and I retract my endorsement. At the same time, I hope, for the sake of the planet, that someone might come along who is able to interface with Rossi and help him make some important course corrections and clean up his act and pull off a successful introduction of cold fusion technology to the marketplace.