El Paso & Dayton have 5G Activated Already…

5G Background:

5G network currently uses ultra-high frequency radio waves. Those “millimeter waves” allow for super-fast speeds, but they don’t travel long distances or through walls as well as lower frequency airwaves do.

“Unlike the wireless access provided by 4G, the bandwidth strength for 5G is lower, and cannot adequately provide coverage from existing towers,” he said. “Typically, the antennae must be lower to the ground (around 35 to 40 feet high) and closer to the receiver (typical range is about 750 to 1000 feet).”

He explained that communities will see more of these facilities, and they will be generally located near commercial areas and schools.

“They will be more visible to the general public due to the increased numbers and to generally being located on city or utility poles along the streets,”

Currently Advertised Cities:

Chicago, Atlanta, Indianapolis, Louisville Kentucky, New Orleans, Charlotte North Carolina, Raleigh North Carolina, Dayton, Ohio, Los Angeles, New York, Phoenix, Washington DC, Kansas City Missouri, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Nashville, Minneapolis, Tennessee, Orlando, Jacksonville Florida, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose California, Oklahoma City Oklahoma, Dallas, Houston, El Paso, San Antonio and Waco, Texas

Below are some short excerpts I included to show that local governments have been paving the way for these 5G devices to be installed all around cities/towns. These things will be littered across the utility poles and traffic lights around the city. Now these micro-cells as they call them, will be easier for the TPTB to use the devices to do more extensive tracking/monitoring of your movements online and off.

“AT&T is proud to invest in El Paso to ensure local businesses and residents have strong and secure wireless connections,” This investment also supports expanding 5G Evolution and LTE-LAA technologies in El Paso.

Ohio Revised Code Chapter 4939 governs use of municipal public ways and generally grants authority to municipalities to manage the rights of way in their jurisdiction.  House Bill 478 will amend Chapter 4939 to provide, among other things, that municipalities must permit wireless service providers, cable providers, and video service providers, to attach small cell wireless facilities to municipally owned support structures located in the right of way, including on utility poles, traffic signals, and street lights. Additionally, they must permit the same providers to construct, maintain, operate, or replace a wireless support structure in the right of way. 

So what does all this mean? Well for one: These 5G network nodes are being placesd close to public spaces and frequently around the city. I posted some pictures at the top of the post which shows what a typical 5G node looks like on utility poles/light poles. Now not to mention these new 5G networks use smaller more focused beams to shape the data.

Is it a coincidence that shooting occur where these cities have 5G already installed and turned on? or is it that most places already had this tech since 2018 and we are finally beginning to connect the two occurrences? I tried to go back and connect some of the shooting to the places, I used BOLD text on the locations but didn’t do a thorough check. I just wanted to do this post so others can start connecting the dots or begin a protest of these 5G devices…