First complete pterosaur eggs found in China


Palaentologists have uncovered the very best preserved cluster of three dimensional fossils ever found.

Located in the Xinjiang Uygur Region, the eggs belong to a brand new genus of pterosaur known as Hamipterus tianshanensis and date again 120 million years to a time when these large winged reptiles would have dominated the prehistoric skies.

The discover is especially vital as a result of the eggs have been found in a three-dimensional state as oppose to two-dimensional like most fossils.

“This is definitely the most important pterosaur site ever found,” mentioned paleontologist Zhonghe Zhou. “Five eggs are three-dimensionally preserved, and some are really complete.”

The website is believed to have been a pterosaur colony that was worn out by a very violent storm. At least 40 people have been recognized nevertheless it’s believed that there would have been a number of hundred residing there at its peak.

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