FEMA Guide: Space Aliens Could Attack U.S.

By Terrence Aym

An incredible ABC News story blows the lid off the government’s real position on UFOs. ETs exist and may be hostile and FEMA tells how to deal with it all.

Could UFOs be hostile? Might they invade, attack an American city and leave it powerless with countless casualties? How should injured aliens be treated?

These are some of the issues raised in Chapter 13 of FEMA’s 2011 600-page disaster guide manual: The Fire Officer’s Guide to Disaster Control. Chapter 13’s astounding title?“Enemy Attack and UFO Potential.”

The chapter discusses how firefighters and other emergency responders may have engine trouble as they approach alien craft. Radio contact may be lost. Firefighters may find themselves having to treat injured aliensand the chapter goes on from there.

Jim Mann of MUFON agrees that aliens can be hostile. “This is a real phenomenon that we should deal with and deal with seriously. This is something that could happen in our lifetime.”

UFOs are hostile

Recently, Brazilians were attacked by a UFO hovering over their town.

Brazilian woman with radiation burns from alleged UFO attack

A better documented case comes from Africa.

Annihilation of an African village by a UFO

According to case files and official reports, a young boy named Laili Thindu who lived in a small, rural village in Kenya, witnessed an unearthly atrocity. During June of 1954, the eleven year old and several friends tended flocks of sheep and goats outside the village of Kirimukuyu.

Over several nights the boys spotted strange lights darting about the summit of Mt. Kenya. Having never seen such an unusual sight, the boys speculated on the nature of the lights. First, they decided that the lights must be from huge torches carried by mountain climbers ascending the peak in the darkness.

Later, when the lights began to leave the mountainside and soar into space, Laili and his companions discarded their torches theory and guessed they were seeing the spirits of the dead.

Several nights later as Laili lay in bed he heard the sound of tribal drums pounding out a marriage rhythm. The tribe celebrated the marriage of a young couple that had taken place earlier that day. The throbbing drumbeat penetrated the walls of his crude hut. As he listened to them, without warning the drums suddenly stopped and outside his hut strange colors played over the countryside.

Benevolent ‘space brothers’ or beings with hostile intent?

Stepping outdoors he noticed the odd lights that had been appearing every night had left Mt. Kenya and now flew above Kirimukuyu. The saucer shaped lights and glowing orange balls lit up the village with intense multi-colored rays.

The next morning, Laili learned from devastated survivors that most of the villagersthe men and women, dancers and childrenhad been roasted alive by the searing beams of light that had pulsed in waves from the mysterious glowing objects.

Weeks later the authorities in Nairobi learned of the incident from the boy and the few survivors of the conflagration. The incident was duly recorded in the government and police records and remains today in its archives of the unexplainedthe decimation of an entire village by a UFO. [From Brad Steiger’s and Joan Whritenour’s account in, Flying Saucers are Hostile.]

ABC takes threat seriously too

Could UFOs and aliens really be a threat? Mann says: “This is a real threat to our planet.”

ABC News video report link.