Feds and Fine Dining: $97bn end-of-fiscal year spending on Lobster Tail

Federal agencies splurged on lobster tail and other gratuitous frills in just one month in a convoluted plot to avoid future budget cuts, a new report claims. The spending orgy has received dozens of 1-star reviews on Twitter.

A jaw-dropping study published by a transparency NGO, OpenTheBooks, found that in the last month of fiscal year 2018 (September), the feds forked out an unfathomable $97 billion on essentials such as sirloin steak, snow crab, lobster tail, golf carts, iPads and of course – lest we forget – bombs. The last-minute shopping spree is part of a mind-melting scheme in which federal agencies spend every last penny they have or risk budget cuts in the future.

The Pentagon was particularly eager to take advantage of the “use it or lose it” fiscal policy, shelling out more than $61 billion over 30 days. More than $20 billion went towards the department’s bread and butter – guns, ammunition and bombs – but there was plenty of cash left over for some end-of-the-year treats.

Also, the federal agencies spent $9,241 on a Wexford leather chair, $2.3 million on crab and another $2.3 million on lobster tails in September, according to the watchdog’s report. Government agencies allocated an impressive $308,994 for alcohol, presumably so that some civil servants could wash down their lobster tail with some fine spirits.

To put the spending binge in perspective, federal agencies spent $53 billion in the final week of September – seven carefree days that cost more than the entire month of August.

Taxpayers on Twitter were thrilled by the news.

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