French Scandal Exposes Global Corruption

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According to a 2004 study by the World Bank Institute, $1 trillion is paid every year in bribes worldwide. Though, many countries evolved various rules to carry out the accountability of politicians, bureaucrats and military officials for blocking of bribe, but unfortunately the upward trend of getting illegal benefits have been noticed by the International Transparency Organization.

In this regard former French President Sarkozy case of “$900 million deal of Agosta Submarines with Pakistan in 1994″ almost emerged as hallmark of global corruption. The French Investigating Authorities probed the said deal and proved that Sarkozy when he was a budget minister has signed the Agosta deal in 1994. Alleges stated that under the terms of the said deal, Pakistani officials would receive 338 million francs as a commission, while another 216 million would be added to the price of the contract and returned to Balladur’s campaign account as kickbacks.

Even Former President Nicolas Sarkozy has been implicated in an investigation into the circumstances behind a 2002 bomb attack in Karachi that killed 11 French people. Families of the victims have said Sarkozy should be summoned for questioning in the probe, which aims to clarify whether the attack was a reprisal against France for a decision to stop paying commissions on Agosta submarine sales to Pakistan or otherwise.

Similarly many American electric companies have also been alleged in smuggling of that devices equipment to India which was later on used in nuclear programme and missile technology. However, famous Bofors scandal till today is known as one of the biggest scandals in Indian politics. The scandal started when India decided to purchase 400 155mm Howitzers (fancy word for really-big-kickass-gun) from Swedish company Bofors AB for $1.4 billion in 1986.

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