Gene Rosen Actor Conspiracy Debunked

18.1n008.School2.C.TA--300x300By David Garrett Jr.

Stick with me here because reading this will take longer than the 50 second clip that was featured in that 30 minute, BS video going around.

Oh, Gene Rosen worked for the Screen Actors Guild huh? The so called proof:

The video shows that Gene Rosen is 62-years-old, but news articles say he is 69-years-old. Not only that, but this is the free search on Intelius. Search my name and inaccurate information comes up and yours probably does too. Pay for the full report and you can still get limited and inaccurate information so I didn’t do that.

Instead, I used common sense. Common sense tells me that Gene’s real name is Eugene, but maybe that’s what they want you to think, eh? Anywho — that’s right. Anywho. Am I the only one who still uses that?

Oh look, there’s a man by the name of Eugene E Rosen in some town called Sandy Hook. I blacked out his phone number so people don’t call him and ask if he’s real. Respect the man’s privacy.


And that address is by the school:


Well look at this, if you search for Eugene Rosen in the state of Connecticut, instead of just Gene Rosen in the United States, on Intelius, this comes up:


I didn’t provide any links because you people who believe the conspiracy are so damn lazy and ignorant. You can look it up yourselves using the same two websites and Google Maps. It’s good to question what you’re told, but it’s not right to question one source and blindly believe another.

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