Handcuffed and drugged: Truth behind Thai cave rescue

It was the story that gripped the world: twelve boys from a Thai soccer staff and their coach had been trapped in a flooded cave so deep underground a rescue was nearly unimaginable.

Then, because the world waited together with the boys’ anxious households, a courageous but tough plan was hatched to carry the members of the Wild Boars staff out alive.

It would take expert divers from around the globe and even then success was not assured. Days had been wanted to carry out the boys and there was no assure all of them would make it out alive.

The boys’ dad and mom had been advised their sons could be swimming to security and within the world pleasure which erupted after the final of the boys surfaced protected and alive, no-one questioned the strategy of their extraction.

But the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s Southeast Asia correspondent Liam Cochrane says in his e book, “The Cave“, that the boys had been actually drugged with ketamine and handcuffed on their journey out of the cave.

It was revealed in the course of the rescue that the boys had been mildly sedated to cease them panicking in the course of the rescue — however the fact is way more complicated.

The boys acquired far stronger medication, and they had been handcuffed behind their backs to cease them ripping off their face masks ought to they get up.

“To calm nerves, the parents were told the boys were being taught how to dive and the media reported that each of them would be tethered to an air hose and then swim out with one rescue diver in front and another behind,” Cochrane writes in his e book.

“The solely hope was to sedate them, put oxygen-fed masks with silicone seals over their faces and let the knowledgeable cave divers carry them out.

“But it was crucial that the masks fitted tightly, otherwise they might drown.”

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