How Bread May Be Killing You

Bread has been called ‘the staff of life’ for millennia. It may also be the doorway to an early death.

Several years ago, famed cardiologist Dr. William Davis made a startling discovery. The doctor had contracted Type 2 diabetes, a disease that can eventually lead to blindness, amputations, and death. He knew the current treatments for Type 2 diabetes do not cure the malady, only manage some of the symptoms. Even strict diets often recommended by physicians and hospital dieticians fall far short of effectively halting and reversing the disease.

Cardiologist who cured his own diabetes, Dr. Davis.

Davis believed the illness could be reversed and he set out conducting extensive research to discover the answer.

He found it: wheat.

Wheat promoting cancer, diabetes, and obesity

The old adage, “everything in moderation,” is true. But modern Americans have forgotten it. Many just eat as much as they want, when they want, and decades later when they lay dying of terminal illnesses brought on by diet they wonder why.

Many of the answers can be found in the over-consumption of wheat that’s present in all the obvious foods like bread,cereals and pasta, but also often hidden inside the ingredients of many packaged foods.

Watch out! Too much wheat pasta is dangerous too.

Davis, the author of Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight, and Find Your Path Back to Health, a NY Times bestseller, discovered that a compound present in all wheat raises blood sugar dramatically. After decades, steady ingestion of the deadly compound tends to damage the function of the liver. It becomes overloaded and taxed constantly working to balance the imblance of rising blood sugar levels. That leads directly to Type 2 diabetes.

The hidden compound in wheat: Amylopectin A

Hidden timebomb: Amylopectin A

The compound is called Amylopectin A, a complex carbohydrate assimilated rapidly.

Two slices of bread equals six teaspoons of sugar.

According to Davis, two slices of whole wheat bread convert to the equivalent of six teaspoons of sugar. The blood sugar level rises more than eating a chocolate bar.

Popular San Francisco nutritionist and personal trainer Caitlin has compiled an informative list of 12 reasons why you should eliminate wheat bread from your diet, or at least consider significantly reducing your consumption of it.

Caitlin herself benefited from the advice she shares with her clients. She lost 80 pounds back in 2001 and has kept it off for more than 10 years.

Wheat’s 12 significant dangers

Other than her finding that wheat can trigger heartburn and disrupt the entire digestive system, her research also revealed:

Too much wheat affects cholesterol levels.

It tends to stimulate excess female hormones while reducing testosterone in men, effectively feminizing them.

Wheat consumption leads to a dangerous increase in belly fat that can trigger heart attacks.

The grain contains lectins, a poisonous substance that damages the small intestines.

It interferes with the brain’s neurotransmitter production (like serotonin) by disrupting the small intestine and resulting in bouts of depression, fits of ongoing rage and creating acute anxiety in many people.

Caitlin’s complete list of what wheat actually does to your body appears in “Suicide by Sandwich? 12 Reasons to Banish Bread.”