New Scientific Evidence: Healers Really See The ‘Aura’ Of People

Researchers in Spain have located that a lot of of the people claiming to see the aura of folks –traditionally named “healers” or “quacks”– actually present the neuropsychological phenomenon known as “synesthesia” (exclusively, “emotional synesthesia”). This may well be a scientific explanation of their alleged “virtue”. In synesthetes, the brain areas accountable for the processing of each and every sort of sensory stimuli are intensely interconnected. This way, synesthetes can see or taste a sound, feel a taste, or associate folks with a specific colour.

The study was carried out by the University of Granada Department of Experimental Psychology Óscar Iborra, Luis Pastor and Emilio Gómez Milán, and has been published in the prestigious journal Consciousness and Cognition. This is the first time that a scientific explanation is offered on the esoteric phenomenon of the aura, a supposed energy field of luminous radiation surrounding a man or woman as a halo, which is imperceptible to most human beings.

In neurological terms, synesthesia is due to cross-wiring in the brain of some people (synesthetes) in other words, synesthetes present more synaptic connections than “regular” men and women. “These extra connections cause them to immediately set up associations among brain areas that are not normally interconnected”, professor Gómez Milán explains. Many healers claiming to see the aura of folks might have this issue.

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