Homeland Security Partners with the State of Wisconsin

by David Garrett Jr.

The Department of Homeland Security announced today that they partnered with Wisconsin in their “If You See Something, Say Something” campaign. To my knowledge, this is the first DHS campaign in the nation that consists of an entire state. Earlier this month, DHS announced their partnership with Simon Malls for this same campaign.

“Homeland security begins with hometown security, and every citizen plays a critical role in identifying and reporting suspicious activities and threats. Expanding the ‘If You See Something, Say Something’ campaign to the state of Wisconsin is an important part of the Department’s efforts to help protect our nation and engage the American public in keeping our country safe and resilient.”

DHS said that their Assistant Secretary for Intergovernmental Affairs joined Governor Walker, Attorney General Van Hollen, and other federal, state, and local officials to announce the partnership.

DHS said the, “If You See Something, Say Something campaign materials will be visible throughout the state — around the Capitol in Madison, on billboards in the cities, and major highways and thruways, in public buildings, and on the state website. In addition, television and radio ‘If You See Something, Say Something’ Public Service Announcements will be broadcast on local television and radio stations later this year.”

Homeland Security’s Assistant Secretary Betsy Markey blogged that the “campaign encourages citizens to speak up if they see something that seems out of place – like an unattended bag.”

DHS blogged that the “messages will appear on digital billboards on major highways and thruways across the state, including I-94, WIS 57, and WIS 164, from Oshkosh to Westbend to Jefferson, and a variety of other cities. Additionally, ‘If You See Something, Say Something’ campaign posters will be hung in a variety of venues around the state to engage a host of sectors and communities throughout Wisconsin.

“For example, in Madison, posters with photos of the state capitol will be on display, as well as posters with images of Lambeau Field in Green Bay. Pictures of Miller Park and Summerfest will also accompany these materials in Milwaukee.

“With the help of the Milwaukee Police Department, the state’s two fusion centers are launching a new website, WiWatch.org, where additional information about the campaign is posted and where Wisconsinites can report suspicious activity. Later this year, Public Service Announcements on television and radio will also air in Wisconsin . . . Together, we can encourage the identification and reporting of suspicious activity so we can keep communities across Wisconsin, and around the entire country, safe.”

WXOW reported that Attorney General Van Hollen told them it would be “appropriate for a gun dealer to call in concerns over a large ammunition purchase.” Unnamed officials also said that “concerns over social media posts or other concerning behavior of someone . . . would be examples of suspicions warranting contact with the program.”

No, Department of Homeland Security, all that you are doing is creating an actual police state. It’s this writer’s belief that all this campaign will do is hurt innocent people who question our government’s motives. And I believe that one day, the people will finally wake up and realize what is happening to our privacy and constitutional rights.

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