How To Levitate

This experiment takes 4 or 5 people to perform. 5 works better. It will work much better if the “subject” is a young person, say, 12 to 21 years old or so. Older people find this very difficult to grasp, because their minds are usually “closed” to this type of information and knowledge. If you are able to levitate an older person, so much the better!

It is very important that you really think about what you’re doing here. You will literally be canceling the effect of gravity on a person, and you should take this information and run with it.

To begin

Let the subject lay down on the floor, hands folded on the stomach, feet together. Place one person at the head, one on each side, and one at the feet, kneeling. Place your hands under the person, palm up, at the head, shoulder, middle of the thigh, and feet. But use only the first two fingers of each hand under the person, not the whole hand. The person at the head is the leader. The leader will nod to signal that everyone tries to lift the person off the floor using just two fingers of each hand as stated above. A person of average weight will not move far at all, if any. Everyone will realize they cannot lift the subject off the floor this way, at least not more than a few inches.

Enabling the lift

Tell the subject to now close their eyes and to simply relax as much as they can.

The leader will say four sentences, one at a time, allowing the others to repeat it, one person at a time, before saying the next. Use the first name of the person for each sentence.

Here are the four phrases:

“Name” looks relaxed.

“Name” is relaxed.

“Name” feels light

“Name” is light.

Speak softly with each phrase, to help the person relax.

The leader will now nod, and all will again lift the person as above. You will be amazed to see that the person usually lifts almost effortlessly off the floor, and will almost immediately open their eyes because they feel themselves “floating” up. As soon as they do, they become heavy, and down they’ll go, back to the floor.

Once everyone gets over the shock of what they’ve just done, repeat as may times as you want.

At some point, you’ll want to try this: Instead of telling the person they look light, state that they feel heavy, and that they are heavy. When you try to lift them now, they won’t budge from the floor!

Finally, see if the person being levitated can try to maintain their state of relaxation and keep their eyes closed. If they can, you’ll be able to lift them much farther.

But be careful! They most certainly will come back down at some point, and could get hurt if they fall to a hard floor. But you get the idea. We did this back in the early 70′s, and I hadn’t remembered it until recently. Results will, of course, vary.