Indians and Chinese get paid more in UK than white Brits – govt report

Chinese and Indian ethnic groups residing in the UK earn substantially more than their white British counterparts, while Bangladeshi and Pakistani workers have the lowest average pay, new government data has revealed.

Analyzing employment data from 2012-18, the UK’s Office for National Statistics (ONS) found pay discrepancies in median gross hourly income between white UK workers and three ethnic groups – Chinese, Indian and Mixed/Multiple race.

While Chinese employees earned £15.75 an hour, their white UK counterparts made £12.03. At the same time, Indian workers averaged £13.47, while those of mixed ethnic backgrounds netted £12.33 an hour. The Bangladeshi and Pakistani ethnic group made the lowest in the same time frame, earning £9.60/hr and £10.00/hr, respectively.

The average employees from the Chinese and Indian ethnic groups have consistently earned more than the average White British employee since 2012.

“For the Indian ethnic group, the gap has stayed relatively consistent since 2012 and in 2018 stood at negative 12 percent. The pay gap for Chinese employees stood at negative 30.9 percent in 2018,” the ‘Ethnicity pay gaps in Great Britain: 2018’ report says.