ISIS claims responsibility for triple bombing in Kabul that killed 2, injured 24

Three bombs hit the Afghan capital Kabul on Sunday killing at least two people and leaving 24 others injured, officials said. The first bomb was on a bus carrying university students, before two roadside blasts struck.

The bomb on the bus exploded in a residential area of western Kabul, killing one person. Two roadside bombs went off 20 minutes later, Interior Ministry spokesman Nasrat Rahimi said. The second fatality occurred in hospital and it isn’t clear which blast they were injured in. Two journalists were reportedly among the dozens injured in the explosions.

Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) claimed responsibility for the Kabul attacks, saying the bus was allegedly transporting minority Shiite Muslims and that they had set up the subsequent explosives to go off as security forces and journalists gathered in response to the first blast.

The Afghan city has been rocked by a series of recent bombings and suicide attacks by both IS and the Taliban. On Friday, a Taliban suicide car bomber killed four Afghan civilians as it targeted a US convoy. A day earlier, six people were killed in an IS attack when a man blew himself up outside an Afghan army academy.

On May 24, an explosion at a mosque killed two people, including a preacher, and wounded 16 others, however no group claimed responsibility for the attack.