In the First Presidential Debate, We All Lost

by David Garrett Jr.

I believe Romney performed better, but this debate was a loss for both parties, and our nation, because it concentrated mainly on the economy and health care, but made no mention of civil liberties.

To be fair, Romney did mention liberty. He said the word, but he didn’t talk about it. It would have been the perfect weapon to use against Barack Obama. George W. Bush began to erode civil liberties, but under Obama, we now live in a constant state of surveillance with no privacy whatsoever.

In 2011, Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act. It gave the military the right to detainAmerican citizens indefinitely. Obama said he was reluctant to sign it because of that part and stressed that it wouldn’t happen.

That provision was struck down last month, but Obama is fighting to keep it. Why not attack him on that domestic policy issue? Because the Republicans are for it, too. Democrats and Republicans are OK with it.

In my state, we have seven candidates for president. Only two of these people are allowed to debate. It’s my belief that this is bad for freedom. And I will look into the other candidates and vote for one of them.

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