Iowa Politician Appoints Herself Senator… of Something That Doesn’t Actually Exist

By Jason Noble

The Republican candidate for a state Senate seat in eastern Iowa has ended her campaign and instead declared herself a U.S. Senator for the state of Iowa.

In a letter dated July 4, the candidate, Randi Shannon of Coralville, argued that the legitimate federal government of the United States was replaced by illegitimate “corporate” government in 1871 and has been operating since then in violation of the U.S. Constitution.

She learned this fact just recently, she said, and has come to believe it after months of research.

Dropping her bid for state office was a rejection of that illegitimate government. Now, she said she has been appointed to serve as a U.S. senator in the recently revived and constitutionally legitimate Republic of the United States of America. She was placed in the office, she said, by Iowa’s four U.S. House members in the “Republic” government.

Shannon was a candidate for the 34th District Senate seat, which covers Marion and parts of Cedar Rapids and other portions of Linn County. Ending her candidacy leaves only incumbent Democrat Liz Mathis in the race.

Her letter to supporters is available here: Randi Shannon letter