Indian Point nuclear reactor shut down over water leak


A nuclear reactor unit at Indian Point has been closed down to restore a water leak, plant officers mentioned. New York’s growing old nuclear plant has been suffering from issues, and is at the moment working beneath a brief license.

Nuclear management room operators eliminated Unit 2 reactor from service on Friday morning to permit for the completion of weld repairs to a pipe that had been leaking “a small amount of Hudson River water.”

“There is no ongoing leak and there was no challenge to safety, however the plant needs to be shut down for weld repairs to be completed, in accordance with Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) regulations,” Entergy Corporation mentioned in a launched assertion.
Engineers discovered a leaking pipe “in a non-radioactive system” that was “leaking at about one drop [of water] every five seconds.”

“The unexpected shutdown of the reactor at Indian Point 2 because of the weld leak is just the latest example of the repeated and continuing problems at the plant,” Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-New York) mentioned in an announcement.

Cuomo has repeatedly referred to as for the shutdown of the 43-year-old nuclear plant, positioned simply 50 miles from densely populated New York City.

“In the last year alone, there has been unprecedented degradation of Indian Point Unit 2 baffle-former bolts, groundwater contamination, and increased Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) oversight at Unit 3 due to numerous unplanned shutdowns,” Cuomo added. “This is yet another sign that the aging and wearing away of important components at the facility are having a direct and unacceptable impact on safety, and is further proof that the plant is not a reliable generation resource.”

The nuclear energy firm solely simply returned Unit 2 to service on June 16 ‒ regardless of objections from lawmakers, residents and environmental teams ‒ following a $120-million inspection and improve of plant tools and programs after a deliberate shutdown in March.

During that shutdown, inspectors found greater than 200 bolts wanted additional evaluation, and a few on the reactor’s interior liner have been lacking, the Associated Press reported on the time.

Entergy mentioned the repairs had included changing 278 bolts on detachable liner contained in the reactor.

“The levels of back-up safety precautions now installed at Indian Point are unprecedented and, while unlikely ever to be needed, they make the facility safer than ever,” Larry Coyle, web site vice chairman at Entergy’s Indian Point, mentioned in an announcement final week.

In the final 11 years, Indian Point has had 9 incidents, together with transformer fires and leaks in spent gas swimming pools. At one level, its reactor shut down as a result of a hen was defecating on energy traces

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