India puts weapon systems and navy on high alert, says Pakistani bombs hit military targets

Announcing that a Pakistani warplane downed Wednesday had targeted military sites, India’s air force, navy and army declared they’re on high alert and are poised to defeat further threats.

India’s military gave their take on the downing of the Pakistani warplane in its airspace on Thursday.

Major General Surinder Singh Mahal said the jet dropped bombs which struck Indian military sites, but did not cause significant damage.

The fact is that Pakistan targeted military installations but we thwarted their plans. The bombs were unable to cause any significant damage due to swift IAF action,” the major general declared.

In response, the country’s weapons systems have been readied and mechanized forces placed on stand-by. In the event of further aggression, Rear Admiral D.S. Gujral assured a “resolute, swift and strong response” by the Indian Navy, which has been “deployed in a high state of readiness and remains poised in three dimensions, on land, sea and in the air.

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